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.:Westwood Experience 5 Newest Downloads Center:.
1. J-Pack #1 (Added on 2/4/03)
2. Endless Battleground (Added on 2/4/03)
3. D-Day (Added on 2/4/03)
4. Battle For Southern Europe (Added on 2/4/03)
5. Battle For Africa (Added on 2/4/03)
.:Westwood Experience 5 Newest Downloads Center:.

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.:Westwood Experience Live News Wire:.
New YR Map Pack Added Posted By: Aaron Posted On: Feb 4 2003, 06:22 PM
I have uploaded one of our staff member's map pack called J-Pack #1 it was made by our staff member Joey. Click on the name of the map pack to see the details and to download it:

J-Pack #1

Enjoy All tongue.gif

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4 New YR Maps Added Posted By: Aaron Posted On: Feb 4 2003, 05:49 PM
I have added 4 new YR maps made by our very own staffer Agent7249. Please Click on the name of the maps to see all the details and to download:

Battle For Africa
Battle For Southern Europe
Endless Battleground

Enjoy All nuke.gif

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General Alert :) Posted By: Joey-Y7 Posted On: Feb 4 2003, 09:27 AM
It seems someone decided to make Generals into RA! Will be cool seeing the old Tesla Coil going "broooooooooop---ZAP" smile.gif

Well its good to see that we have the support of both Lion of CnC Den and Transnote of Renegade-Generals.So if you have found us via them,welcome to General Alert a total conversion into the Red alert Universe. Primiarily were after some heavyweight modders ,poeple who can add bones to things,poeple who know all about scripting and heavy modding.I hope to approach the team of the slightly close name 'Renegade Alert' to see if any want to help out a bit on the side,obviosly no heavy commitment is asked for yet as Generals is not quite out and they will want to finish off theyre Renegade mod first.

Sounds good. Go Here for any more info he might have.

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3 New Renegade Maps Added Posted By: Aaron Posted On: Feb 4 2003, 01:26 AM
I have added 3 new Renegade maps from Garth8422 they are:

C&C Pillars AI
C&C Pillars DM
C&C Pillars Fly

Click on the names to view the info and to download.

If you want to submit a Renegade map or skin or mod e-mail it to aaron@westwoodexp.com smile.gif

Thanks All,
Aaron cool.gif

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Deezire Interviews Veteran Map Maker EJAH Posted By: AAK625 Posted On: Feb 3 2003, 07:29 PM
One of my close friends, who I can thank for keeping me up-to-date on hot news, has struck again. Turns out Deezire interviewed one of his partners in crime, EJAH, about his involvment in the upcoming Generals. Here is a snapple....err....snippet:

I recently managed to grab some time with the elusive EJAH, the renowned map author from the C&C community. After making some superb maps for Red Alert 2 (many will remember the highly acclaimed 'Amsterdamned' map that was featured in PC Gamer, and the innovative 'Tunnel Vision' map that was one of only a handful of maps that had working tunnels), everything suddenly went quiet on the EJAH front - or did it...

Get it here! Some guys have all the luck - or do they? devil.gif

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Renegade, Battle for dune Update Posted By: killakanz Posted On: Feb 2 2003, 09:54 PM
Lots of updates today, including Atreides APC, Mongoose and I've finally done the minotaurus walking animation. smile.gif

See the screenshots of the mino walking here!

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Generals To Renegade Update Posted By: BrYaN_USMC Posted On: Feb 2 2003, 11:52 AM
The Generals to Renegade mod has some new pics put up of the USA Crusader tank. This mod is made bye the wonderful people over at Imperium WW

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WW Tribute Wallpaper Posted By: Redders Posted On: Feb 1 2003, 11:45 PM
Lion of CNCDEN has made a Westwood Tribute wallpaper. You can get it here

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BigPOP Extractor Updated Posted By: AAK625 Posted On: Feb 1 2003, 10:25 PM
Thanks to Logan you can jump right into modding or exploring with his BigPOP Extracting program which allows you to view .BIG archive files in the MPT (if you were lucky enough to get into it mad.gif ) and/or in the upcoming highly anticipated full release of Generals. Head over to CNC Den and pay a visit to the Lion's Den and grab it. devil.gif

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Generals launch party Posted By: Agent7249 Posted On: Feb 1 2003, 08:00 PM
A time to rejoice, I know that most people may think EA as evil but appearently they have a heart. They are sending out emails to both Irish and Uk people(Maybe more) about a draw which if you get selected as one of the 20 people. You will be heading to london for 5 whole hours of gameplay of Generals , You will have the oppertunity to play Generals (full version) 2 days before any other Die hard C&C'r. You will also recieve an official Command & Conquer: Generals game when the day is out. The people selected will be notified by the 7/02/2003.

clover.gif You can visit here to see what I got in my email about it. clover.gif

stuart.gif You can also browse the forums to look for or make a topic that interests you and which you want to debate. smile.gif

On a side note
clover.gif Its officially my birthday today, clover.gif
clover.gif Im 17 today, and I hope to get alot of money. clover.gif
devil.gif chris.gif *prepares fire for crappy presents relatives usually get him* devil.gif chris.gif

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